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TEXTURE travels over an endless landscape of images harvested from the internet. A laser beam pierces through the landscape, distorting and bending it as he travels through.

What we see is a machine at work. The video is a window into this machine and landscape, as it digests and scans images, we can only observe it.

There is a fake sense of materiality. Structures and textures are recognisable for brief moments, we are seeing something familiar, without being able to name it. We have seen it before but yet it seems alien.

All the images are a hand-made selection of images scraped off tumblers and news websites. We wrote a custom image downloader for this project which downloaded images from different sources for a week. These images form a reflection of what images are posted and consumed online. The laser functions as a scanner, like a needle of a record player, scanning the surface, analysing and transforming it into sound.

We are currently working on a real-time version of the piece.


Concept & Animation — Thomas Traum
Music — Evgeniy Vaschenko