Scheltens & Abbenes, Exhibition Catalogue

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Exhibition Catalog and two posters produced together with Designers Laurenz Brunner and Julia Born for dutch photography duo Scheltens & Abbenes. We created a very detailed virtual walkthrough through the exhibition space with all artworks in, every detail was taken into account up to reproducing the framing to the exact millimeter and the same material attributes. Camera angles and positions were then chosen, trying to very much recreate a personal walkthrough through the exhibition, with zoom ins, overviews and views through 2-3 rooms of the space. Everything happens in-camera even the exhibition’s introductory text. All this was made before the exhibition was set up in real life. Eventually it matched the real exhibition so well, it created an almost surreal feeling.

Catalogue Design: Laurenz Brunner & Julia Born
3D-Design: Thomas Eberwein
Rendering: Thomas Eberwein & Julien Simshaeuser
Modeling: Julien Simshaeuser