John Lewis Harmony

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To promote the John Lewis lighting range, Adam & Eve in collaboration with digital media company Upsetmedia created an online house and installation that reacts in real time to music. Our role was to design and oversee the technical implementation of the site.

A real custom house with a 100 lights was built and shot in a studio and then recreated online. Users can stream a song of their choice from the 7digital database of 10 million songs and watch the 100 lights of the house react in real time. Users can also play samples from the keyboard and record and save their own mix the house then animates to. All lights in the house can also be viewed individually and bought via a link to the John Lewis Lighting range.

At the same time as the website was launched, a house was placed at the South bank, in the centre of London where members of the public could use the same technology to play a song of their choice with a 100 lights lighting up in perfect sync to the song at the same time.

See the site at
Video of the Southbank installation here
Adam & Eve