In Store Installation for Melissa’s store in NYC

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This project was created in collaboration with the the EPFL+ECAL Lab in Switzerland during Thomas Eberwein’s time as an guest Interaction Designer at the Lab.

The Lab was invited by Melissa, a Brazilian shoe company, to create a site specific installation in their flagship store in New York City. We were in charge of Concept and Design, but also created a lot of prototypes and technical direction in collaboration with the swiss lab.

Inspired by the Brazilian rain forest, ‘Seeds of Colors’ creates a virtual ecosystem inside the shop by using two projections which ‘talk’ to each other. We treated the projections as if they were a virtual and conceptual extension of the shop, as if the shop continues beyond into the projected surfaces.

Inside a well like structure, shoppers create a flurry of particles and trails with their feet in an unique colour assigned to each shopper.These seed trails eventually flow upwards and grow into permanent grass stems in the upstairs projection.

The grass, gently waving in the wind completely calms down the shop and transforms the shop into a shelter against the busy shopping streets in Soho.

The downstairs projection into the ‘well’, gives purpose to a before mostly unused space, it invites visitors to walk down and interact or simply enjoy the constant stream of particle seeds and trails flowing upwards.

An 52′ flatscreen was installed at the entrance playing an animated overview of the installation.

Created at the EPFL+ECAL Lab.
Design: Thomas Traum
Development: Thomas Traum, Daniel Tamburrino
Sound: Dave Meckin
Scenography: Michael Szivos/SoftLab
Curator: Nicolas Henchoz
NYC Consultant: Laetitia Wolff/Futureflair

Made with openframeworks