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Thomas Traum worked in close collaboration with a team at Wolff Olins defining the new identity of EE, the UK’s newest and biggest mobile phone operator. We helped define the brand’s on-screen appearance and animation behaviour.

Over several weeks we created prototypes and demos to test ideas internally and to visualise to the client how the brand will behave in motion. We created animations as well as generative tools for designers at Wolff Olins to use. The brand is based on a few key principles defined by Wolff Olins which we then tried to express and translate into motion. We looked at fundamental behaviours, for example how type appears onscreen, how particles move on screen, how the identity integrates and reacts to different contexts it is used in.

A lot of the ideas from the initial tests and sketches made it into the brand identity six months after our initial work and are now core principles of the EE brand whenever you see it in motion. An example of one such an idea is the ‘ticking’ animation of the letters.

The above video is a very small sample of some of the internal motion demos and exploration we made, which EE and Wolff Olins kindly allowed us to show.

The EE logo and identity animation received an honourable mention in the Brand New Awards 2012
There is more in depth information about the brand Identity here: 


EE client development team: Steven Day, Spencer McHugh, Ben Spencer
Motion language conceived by Wolff Olins and Thomas Eberwein.
Development and refinement Wolff Olins, Zeitguised and Man versus Machine.
Miles Newlyn worked with Wolff Olins to create the EE Noblee typeface.

Music by Redinho — Pitter Patter on Numbers