ECAL Workshop – Thomas Traum – Pass the XYZ

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One week workshop with all students of the Interaction Design department at ECAL in Switzerland. The brief was to animate multiple clips with an object coming in on the top of the screen and disappearing at the bottom, passing it on to the next person. It could be any type of object passing through any type of environment. At the end all clips were stacked up on top of each other on one website and then could be played all together.

The above video is a small selection of all the clips produced by the students. In order of appearance:

Sylvain Meltz, Guillaume Coquoz, Celia Antille, Chabot Guillaume, Daniel & Pierrot & Thomas, Dimoulitsas Dimitris, Mathieu & Ruslan, Muzzin Benjamin, Oceane Haenni, Guillaume Coquoz, Ruslan Gaynutdinov, Pauline Saglio, Ruslan Gaynutdinov, Guillaume Coquoz, Rivier Mathieu, Mathieu & Ruslan, Rivier Mathieu, Muzzin Benjamin, Guillaume Coquoz, Joelle Aeschlimann

Assistants: Moreau Guilhem, Florian Pittet, Lionel Tardy