Brian Eno — Day of Light

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For the launch of Brian Eno’s new album, we created a real-time audiovisual experience. The whole experience was created for one day, when the album was broadcast live and in full four times during 24h through the site. The times of the four broadcasts were selected to capture different lighting – from sunrise, day, to sunset and night.

Listeners were invited to upload photos under the general theme ‘day of light’. These photographs were curated by Brian Eno and his team in real-time with the best being showcased as part of an evolving, live accompaniment to the music. All submissions also appeared in real-time on an endless scrolling grid of images.

Users were able to contribute images from anywhere, all major social networks and devices were supported. Colours were sampled from each image, merging them slowly together to create a rich audio-visual experience.

We had over 6,000 submissions from all four corners of the world in only 4 hours total playing time over the day.

The accompanying live stream allowed partner sites to embed the feed, and users to watch directly on Social Media sites.

Archived site here.

Concept & Design — Thomas Traum and Studio Remote,
Development — Ryan Smith, Thomas Traum, Studio Remote