Christopher Raeburn 2015 Spring/Summer “Meridian” Film

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One of the big themes in Christopher Raeburn‘s fashion is the idea of REMADE. In our film we wanted to establish a link between the inspiration of the collection and the final product, driven by the idea of REMADE. The film uses CR’s concept of REMADE and applies it to the film. Thus the film functions not only as an promotional intro to the SS-2015 collection, but also as a manifestation of the collections concept. Christopher Ræburn’s collections demonstrate an abiding commitment to re-invention; an ongoing quest to find the utility and beauty in that which appears to be obsolete. Spring ⁄ Summer 2015 draws inspiration from The Desert Boneyard in Arizona, a nirvana for the creed of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The breathtakingly beautiful spectacle of up to 4,000 military aircraft, carefully stored and awaiting reintegration or re-appropriation. Our idea was to take the viewer on a journey, from the deserted plane yard, where planes are abandoned and left to rot, straight onto the runway of a fashion show.

We wanted the garments being composed out of elements from the plane yard, ripped off by an imaginary forces and be combined to something new, a gigantic model falling out of the sky, who then walks out into the world. A surprising transformation from the military waste and wasteland to a powerful and determined human wearing a beautiful and intricate garment. Christoper Raeburn always champions the use of new materials and processes, which is also something we wanted to explore in the film on a technical level. We wanted to push further than what is normally understood to be a fashion film. Aware of recent developments in specialised cloth modelling and animation software, we wanted to remodel the main, highly detailed look in 3D and put it on a walking 3D character. We wanted to explore the possibilities of 3d modelling clothes in a high fashion context and make a virtual version of a complete 3d fashion look. We wanted to create a new digital representation of fashion through a different approach and different tools and question traditional methods of showing fashion through photography and film. We wanted to venture out into the possibility of a purely virtual representation of fashion. As a result of the film we now have a fully functional rigged character to be used in future films and stills. We made a virtual asset to the company, which can be reused and reused again. The film was made possible through a grant from the British Fashion Institute and River Island and was premiered at the ICA as part of a special event about Fashion Film.
  Credits: Director: Thomas Traum Concept: Thomas Traum & Régis Tosetti Sound: Dom Harwood Art Direction: Régis Tosetti & Simon Palmieri 3D Production: Thomas Traum Model: Jason at Elite Stylist: Elgar Johnson Casting: Sarah Bunter Grooming: Claire Mulleady using MAC