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“The Image as it is.

As-Found is our creative response to the trillions of images available on the Internet.

The ‘As’ in As-Found stands for the perfection we perceive in these images. These images, as they have been found, are perfect in our eyes, and we want to showcase them here, giving them a new space in which to be contemplated. Showing them in the context of this site gives them new value.

We often choose images for different qualities than those which were intended to be seen. Therefore the creator is often irrelevant.

If the image has been made by a contemporary artist we don’t want to know about it, because images created with multiple interpretations in mind are useless to us.

We think that a found image can match any image produced within the artistic field, in aesthetic, cultural or emotional qualities.

Our tools have become a significant part of the process as we are able to see further, dig deeper, collect faster and see exponentially more.

Finding is creating.”

Taken from the As-Found Introduction

Website created together with Marc Kremers. One of the first found image sites out there as far as we know and which inspired countless other sites. The timeless ‘default-style’ design with Times New Roman and mega extra spacing between pictures still looks great.